Bumbling Traveller LogoThe Bumbling Traveller Adventure Series™:

    Follow the adventures of architect Bumbling Bob as he leads a ragtag troupe of backpackers through remote region of Southeast Asia.  Incorporating hundreds of hand drawn travel sketches, these unique entertaining and educational Bumbling Traveller graphic novels will take both teenagers and adults to the far corners of the planet on a voyage of discovery and humor!

    The Bumbling Traveller Adventure Series has received multiple book awards and accolades from numerous environmental groups including UNESCO, WWF Indonesia, WWF Malaysia, The Nature Conservancy, Malaysia Nature Society, Against Malaria Foundation, Yayasan Pulau Banyak Foundation, and The Borneo Project.  The series has also received excellent reviews by the South China Morning Post, American Society of Architectural Illustrators, The Malaysian Insider, Descent Magazine, BC Magazine, Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, and many more organizations.

    In 2010, award-winning author and illustrator Thomas Schmidt, AIA, LEED AP was awarded a prestigious AIA Citation Award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Hong Kong Chapter “in recognition of significant achievement in promoting the values of cultural heritage, eco-tourism and vernacular architecture in the Chapter’s region, such as Borneo and Sumatra, through educational graphic novels in the Bumbling Traveller Adventure Series that are richly informed through detailed research and vividly portrayed by exquisitely hand-drawn illustrations.”

    The Bumbling Traveller Adventure Series seeks to promote environmental and cultural awareness through entertaining mysteries and adventures.


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